Spectra Logic T950 против Quantum Scalar i6000 конкурентное сравнение

We know you have options. We’ve made investment in the design of our Scalar i6 tape library to offer unique capabilities helping you to:

  • Efficiently install into a rack-based datacenter
    • Quantum: Modular design fits standard datacenter rack footprint, including service access
    • Spectra: Large, non-standard footprint, and requires service access on all 4 sides
  • Minimize delays and downtime
    • Quantum: Efficient robot design provides fast performance and high reliability, as well as an optional redundant robot for high availability and more performance
    • Spectra: Complicated design requires 3x more moves to pick a tape; no dual robot
  • Reduce vaulting costs
    • Quantum: Active Vault enables automated, in-library vaulting for lower cost, more secure long-term storage
    • Spectra: No in-library vault option
  • Ensure a healthy media pool
    • Quantum: Automated media health checks and reporting for all media
    • Spectra: Limits reporting and media checks to Spectra brand media only
  • Minimize power & cooling costs
    • Quantum: 80 PLUS® certified power supplies
    • IBM: Standard power supplies

The following table compares key features of the two products to help determine which tape library best meets your needs.

Feature T950 Scalar i6000 Description
Footprint Disruptive, nonstandard layout, requires service access on all 4 sides Fits standard data center rack layout Modular design fits standard 19-inch rack layout, including expansion modules and service access, minimizing datacenter footprint and simplifying installation and expansion.
Robotic Design Complex; no dual robot option Efficient; dual robot option Efficient robot design ensures fast performance with high reliability, including a redundant robot option that can be added later if desired. T950 is a complicated mechanism requiring 3x more moves for each tape move, resulting in slower performance, and lower reliability, and does not have a redundant robot option.
Media Management Features limited to Spectra brand only No in-library vault EDLM
Active Vault
Automated media health checks with EDLM ensure content is available from tape when needed. Active Vault enables in-library vaulting, saving money while securely vaulting tapes internal to the library. Vaulted tapes can be monitored with EDLM to ensure data integrity.
Power Standard power supplies 80 PLUS certified power supplies 80 PLUS certification ensures lowest cost, power, and cooling for minimizing OPEX.